Then Christmas came

This event happened when they prohibited putting up a Christmas tree. Commandos walked the city. Wherever they found a Christmas tree, the commando went out and confiscated the tree. The ones responsible for putting up a Christmas tree were brought to trial and got jailed in. Security forces paid particular attention to liquidate Christmas get-togethers.

„Well, the winged buffaloes!”

„You did not bring the winged buffaloes. Where are the winged buffaloes?”

„When I climbed up to their nest, to catch them, they flew away. I should have climbed up a bit earlier, when they could not fly yet!”


„Sad-sad” the children said.

„While I did not bring winged buffaloes, but you can look for the Christmas tree.”

„What should we look for? What should we look for?”

„Apple, walnut, peanut!”

„Where is it? Where is it?”

„On the street. Hung up on a tree.”

„A tree. That’s impossible” the children shouted.

„If you don’t believe me, go out and see for yourselves!”

They run out on the street. Look at that! On one of the trees there were apples, walnuts and peanuts hanging.
At that moment, a commando rushed into the house. Mother got ill. They brought water and she got better from her fainting.

„Who dressed up the tree?” their leader shouted.

A great silence answered him.

„No, we don’t know. We were asleep” one of the boys said.

The commando raised their weapons.

„I don’t know. I have no idea” the other one whimpered.


Uncle started to speak.

„It was me. I dressed up the Christmas tree.”

„Get dressed. You are coming with us” the officer said.

The woman started to cry.

„Don’t take him away. Please.”

Uncle got ready.

The leader exited the room. The man followed him. The soldiers followed.

Uncle looked back from the door. They never saw him again. The children ran out on the street and followed the car running.

The mother and her children went to the central command on the next day. They went through the small town and arrived at the largest building. A guard was standing at the gates.

„What do you want here?” the guard asked them. „You have nothing to do here. Go home.”

„We are looking for Uncle” the woman said.


„There is no uncle here” the guard said.

„They took him here, to the command, yesterday, with a car. We are looking for the commander” the woman pleaded.

„Trust me, my lady, your uncle is not here” the guard answered.

„But you were there when they took him” the woman insisted.

„Go home, while I am being nice about it” said the guard.

„You were there with them” the woman mumbled. „You must know where they took him.”

„You were there” the children echoed.

They went back home. The traffic was light on the road. Trucks were moving, bringing soldiers. Christmas trees were being put up in many places. Commandoes were going around the streets, and destroying the trees.


Twenty years later. The members of the family scattered around the world. They were living in different places. Now the family was organizing a reunion. They could not avoid the question at the dinner. Where is Uncle?

„We have been living in town since then. Never met Uncle again. Let’s go to the central command!” the mother said.

At the command they got the answer, that the case of Uncle has been declared secret for 60 years.


We are going to continue in forty years.




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