Interview with Nikola Tesla

(When Nikola Tesla died, three Nobel laureates, expressing their respect, said the following as:
One of the most unique spirit of the world stands before us, who have been promoting the formulation of the greatest technological achievements of modern ages).


I am speaking softly now. Nikola Tesla is waiting. In one of his hands, there’s an air-core coil, and there is another one in his other hand. Then it strikes me. Does he want to show me the phenomenon of electrical resonance?

– Good day to you, Mr. Tesla. How do you feel about the situation nowadays?
– Which one? The one in 1941?
– Your fights? You had a fighful life.
– Humanity should have long ago abandoned this way that leads to catastrophe. We have the (cap)ability of leaving it; I strongly believe that the greediness of human nature is something only advocated by capitalists, who are trying to make the people to believe in it. Money causes the least of happiness, by the way. The best things in life are free.
– The one in 2015.
– I got a bit confused, as I have been dead for so long. Oh, you are the one, who travels in time? Splendid. Don’t be amazed. I had more than 140 inventions. Many people earned very well from my inventions. Should I list them? No. Forget it. I like those things most that are making the life of the poor and vulnerable people better, more hopeful and easier.
– And… the revolution of electronics? Computers?
– If that was all true, then, after a temporary downfall there should have been a rocket-like uprising, and not only from the perspective of economy, but in every other aspect as well; meaning that freedom should have grown, wealth should have grown, democracy should have grown, art should be blooming, and so on. But what we see in all these parameters is a general regression. The achievements or the social system of today are towering upon us as an inaccessible cliff, and we are not even close to flying over them.

– Would you tell us about your youth?
bohockerek– I was born in the Austrian Empire, in 1856, in the territory of Croatia, as the son of a Serbian orthodox priest. I have learnt in Austria and Bohemia, and I was visiting Budapest when the idea of the rotating magnetic field and induction motor came to me. I have worked for the Continental Edison Company in Paris, and then at the age of 28, in 1884, I sailed over to the United States. When I arrived, all I had in my pocket was 4 cents, some of my poems and the plans for a flight device. In the next year the head of Westinghouse Electric Company bought the patents for the transformer and motor of the three-phase dynamo.
– Have you heard that a factory was named after you?
– Listen, I have heard about it. It produces electronic cars. Cars driven by electricity. During the so-called „fight of electricity” it has been proven in practice that the usage of my alternating current (AC) system and such devices is more beneficial than direct current (DC) devices are. Nowadays one- and many-phase AC electrical systems and induction motors are used in industrial- and domestic devices globally. After the invention of the transformer electronic energy can be transferred with minimal losses to great distances.
– The operating principle of reaction motors?
– The method for airplanes to get airborne without initial movement?
– Thermomagnetic motor?
– Piromagnetic electric generator?
– Here is the CSP technology, the concentrated solar power systems which are using lenses or mirrors to concentrate thermic- or solar energy into a small area. Electricity results when the concentrated light transforms into heat, which is connected to a generator generating electric power.
– I often conducted presentations in my laboratory within my connections and interests showing many interesting things to the audience. One of my favourite tricks was when I put two metal sheets into the room and the air around them suddenly started to shimmer. I never patented that. And I presented many times how high frequency, high voltage electricity did not harm me, while sparks were flowing off my body, and the room glowed with a ghostly radiance.


– Yes, that was interesting for the people. And the radar?
– I tackled with that before the First World War.
– Robotics?
– I started to work with robotics at the end of the 1990s; I patented the remote control boat. A working model was presented in 1898 on an electrical exhibition in Madison Square Garden.
– I imagine a world where not war, but new scientific inventions become the priority of humanity. Nowadays, most of the civilised countries of the world spend their income on military projects, and only a minimal of the money goes to education. In the 21st century this ratio will be reversed.
It will be more glorious to fight against ignorance than to fall on the battleground. New scientific truth will be more important, than squabble between diplomats.
– Yes. I understand.
– The part of education and governance which addresses hygiene and physical culture will be admired. Our water resources will be monitored more carefully and only fools will drink unsterilized water. American Environmental Protection Agency will be founded within the next 100 years. Scientific achievements and theories will rule the headlines of the newspapers of the 21st century, and political debates and criminal activities will be pushed back to the last pages. Medicine, the development of medicinal products will be given priority when allocating resources.

Nikola Tesla waves with his hand. This means that we have to stop the conversation.

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